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Latest Chest Tattoo Design for Men & Women (2018)

Every tattoo represents a symbol of a personal experience, story, or a feeling. However, it turns out that there is symbolism in the placement of the tattoo, as well. The tattoo placement says a lot about the person. Choosing the left side, the arm or the back is not completely a random choice, but it has meaning by itself.Chest tattoo, depending on the size, this placement represents a symbol of something really important to the individual. The large tattoo close to the heart means the tattoo symbolizes something dear to the person.

Something small symbolizes a life event that ended and left an impact on the person. Men with chest tattoos are also confident. This placement has a different meaning when it comes to women. Chest Tattoo designs are one of the most popular albums on this blog. Many famous designers must try different designs for chest placement like floral, animal, wings etc. Let’s See the Chest Tattoo Designs

Men Tattoos for Chest Placement

We got some awesome designs for chest tattoos from our resources, hopefully these designs are really special for you. When you are following your star tattoos and meaningful tattoo then it’s difficult to decide which design is most suitable for your own body.

Following are Chest Tattoo Designs

The chest is actually the most important part of your body because it’s close to your heart. When you choose to ink your chest, you’re showing your dedication. Additionally, if you’ve ever had this type of tattoo, you probably know that it’s very painful to have the tattoo applied. Going through the process shows your dedication even more. For men, they may also choose chest tattoos since it offers a large area.

Both men and women like to choose tattoos that have deep meaning, especially since the tattoo will be placed over their heart. Popular choices for this area are portraits of their children, family member, or close friends. Others may choose to display a symbol of their cultural history. While all tattoos have meaning, choosing to place them on your chest means that you want to carry them close to your heart as a constant reminder.

Chest Tattoo Designs For Men

So what do these chest tattoos usually consist of ? Chest tattoos usually consist of wolves eagles, owl, tribal symbols, words, quotations important to heart etc.

Wolf tattoo on chest symbolizes love. The wolf tattoo is a great way to display loyalty and devotion to family. Some people have their entire “pack” of loved ones inked or get a single wolf paw tattoo and have names of loved ones inked inside the design. The wolf tattoo can also represent love.

An owl tattoo symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, and transition. These cultures believed that the owl was the protector and guardian of the dead and believed it was able to communicate with the departed.

People also get eagle tattoos on the chest in large numbers. An eagle is a symbol of courage and focus. It is also mentioned in numerous parables so as to inspire high achievers. It’s varies from various cultures and philosophies. Eagles are also a symbol of beauty, purity and a mighty force.

Apart from these we have skulls,eyes and other tribal tattoos.The skull tattoo is the rebel’s hallmark. It has maintained popularity throughout generations, with its simple, bold aesthetic, often understood as a symbol of death and mortality. The eye tattoo represents what you believe in. This could include things like vision, life, religion, proper focus, clear thinking and vision, the inner being, smartness, protection, intuition, protector etc. Tribal tattoos can have several spiritual meanings. Some traditional tribal tattoos were intended to act as ritual protection against demons or evil forces in some cultures, for instance.

Animal chest Tattoo Design on Chest for Men


Look Awesome owl Tattoo Design for Chest

Skull with Owl Chest Tattoo Design

Amazing Wings and Eye in Triangle Sketch Tattoo

Tattoo Awesome State on Chest

Amazing Men Tattoos for Chest

Dark Design for Chest Tattoos

Chest Tattoos Photography by Professionals

Name Tattoos on Chest

Awesome Design for Chest tattoo

Chest Tattoos Design For Men

Chest Tattoos for Women

Girls are curious about chest tattoo designs and we know that our designs are most important for newbies. Keep visiting our blog post and see the pro designers albums and tattoo designs.This placement has a different meaning when it comes to women. A chest tattoo on a girl represents a symbol of love and it often has a romantic meaning.

These chest tattoos usually consist of moon, flowers, butterflies etc. moon symbolizes growth, creativity, manifestation, and attainment. The waning moon, however, symbolizes letting go, contemplation, and reflection. butterfly is a long-standing symbol that represents faith, transformation, and freedom.

Following are some trendy chest tattoo designs for women:

Butterfly Women Eye Sketch Tattoo Design

Decent Floral Design Tattoo on Chest

Animal Wild Tattoo Design for Chest

Floral Cum Moon Tattoo Small on Chest

Beautiful Snake with Flower Tattoo Design

Look Henna Design for Chest

Floral Design Tattoo for Chest Placement

Nice Chest Design Tattoo

Simple But Awesome Floral on Chest

Floral Cum Butterfly Tattoo on Chest

Chest Tattoos for Girls

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